SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise InfoView User's Guide

Scheduling objects

Scheduling an object allows you to run it automatically at specified times. When a scheduled object runs successfully, an instance is created. An instance is a version of the object that contains data from the time that the object was run.
You can see a list of instances by looking at an object's history, and you can view any of the instances. If you have the rights to view objects on demand, you can view and refresh any instance to retrieve the latest data from the data source.
By scheduling and viewing instances, you can ensure that the objects have the most up-to-date information available for viewing, printing, and distributing.

Note: Before you schedule objects, be sure to check your time zone setting on the Preferences page in InfoView. The default time zone is local to the web server that runs BusinessObjects Enterprise, not the CMS to which users connect. Set the time zone to ensure that your scheduled objects are processed in accordance with the time zone in which you are working.

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