SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise InfoView User's Guide

Scheduling an object package

An object package is a type of object that acts as a container for subobjects or components. They can only be created or edited in the CMC, and can contain any object type that can be scheduled. To add objects to an object package, a user with the necessary access rights must copy the object and paste it into the object package in the CMC. Objects in an object package are then distinct from the object they were copied from and are instead components of the object package. When you schedule an object package, instances are created for each component, allowing you to schedule several objects simultaneously. You cannot schedule a component of an object package on its own.
Scheduling an object package is slightly different from scheduling an individual object, because some scheduling options must be set on an object package level. These scheduling options are recurrence, destinations, events, and server group settings. Other scheduling options are set for each component of the object package. These scheduling options are notification, database logon settings, filters (if applicable), format, print settings, and parameters, prompts, or arguments (if applicable).

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